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Replace your plastic toothbrush with this sleek, earthy bamboo toothbrush. Believe-it-or-not the bristles are also corn-based instead of the regular nylon bristles, making this the most eco-friendly brush option available today.

It lasts as long as your regular toothbrush, with a much softer, natural, and guilt-free morning routine!

Handle: Bamboo
Bristles: 95% corn fiber + 5% nylon
Packaging: Bare


Give the brush a quick wipe with your hand towel after use and keep it well aired for lasting use.


With this easy home switch, you would save 300+ toothbrushes from ending up in landfills creating havoc with the soil, ocean and marine animals for 1000s of years.

These are perfect for personal use as well as the ideal little gift for your house guests. Always keep a couple in stock and get your friends and family to do their bit for the environment through this simple change!


1. Use home-made toothpaste to eliminate the host of chemical additives in commercial toothpaste as well as unnecessary packaging (Generally non-recyclable). This will also eliminate your contribution to the energy consumed towards commercial manufacturing and transport 

2. Use tooth powder to eliminate the requirement of disposable toothbrushes altogether

3. Use datun (Natural neem or meswak twigs) 100% natural and unprocessed, minimal energy usage, especially if plucked locally


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