Steel Straw Set (2 Straws + Cleaner)

Steel Straw Set (2 Straws + Cleaner)

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IKTARA steel straws are made of high-quality food grade stainless steel and come with a cleaner designed specifically for easy washing and reuse. Not only is the quality and cleanliness of disposable plastic straws questionable, but they are also toxic when used with warm/hot liquids. Steel being non-reactive and can be safely used for hot and cold beverages alike. The straw set and cleaner come with a drawstring cloth pouch which can easily be carried during travel.

Straw edges are not sharp and can also be safely used with toddlers (Under adult supervision).

* IKTARA straws come in three variants – Slim Straight, Thick Straight, Thick Bent

All straw types are suitable for coconut water, milk, juices, and cocktails. We recommend a thick straw if you are likely to also use it for smoothies and milkshakes.

** The default option is 2 Straight Thick straws. You can customize your preferred straw types while ordering.


With this easy switch, you would save hundreds of plastic straws in your lifetime from littering the oceans and landfills, endangering marine lives and polluting water and soil for ages.

Steel is also infinitely recyclable with no change in quality, because of which it has a 90% + recycling rate. So your steel straw would get a new life after you are done using it and would not create any waste.

Steel straws are perfect for personal use as well as a great gift for your loved ones. Always carry a couple of extra ones when eating out with the company – and get your friends and family to do their bit for the environment through this simple change!


Size (Thick straws) – 8 mm

Size (Slim) – 6 mm

100% Food grade stainless steel

Cleaner with nylon bristles

Packaging – Reusable cloth pouch


Wash and dry soon after each use



Straws are a recent human contraption and life can very well carry on without using them J. Every drink is best enjoyed sipping it straight with the mouth!

Try it and see if you can pack off this daily use item towards a minimalistic and eco-friendly lifestyle.