Coconut Scrubbers from 100% natural coco fibre bound by natural latex

Coconut Fibre Scrubs (Set of 3)

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IKTARA coconut fiber scrubs are made from 100% natural coconut fiber bound together by a natural latex binder. The fibers are also stitched securely to hold together firmly and last longer.

These scrub pads are soft and can be safely used on all surfaces including glass and non-stick cookware without worrying about scratch marks.

Synthetic scrub pads can leave stray fibers and microfibers (Invisible to the eye) on utensils which cause slow toxicity on ingestion. Coconut fiber scrub pads are 100% natural and safe even if ingested.

The shape and size of the scrub pads is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility during usage.


These scrub pads are 100% biodegradable thus saving the environment from trash generated by synthetic scrub pads discarded every month. With this easy home switch, you would save synthetic trash from more than 2000 synthetic scrubs typically used by a household over a lifetime. These synthetic scrubs release fibers and microfibers into the water and soil where they rest for hundreds of years, and from there enter into our food system.