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Most of us today, are well aware of the alarming impact the fast-paced lifestyle of today is having on our environment from toxic air quality to frothing rivers to garbage-filled streets and landfills. Extricating ourselves from this complex mess and changing long-ingrained habits seems daunting and we often do not know where to begin.

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Iktara Travel Cutlery Set

Safe & Eco-Friendly Alternative


Having a meal at an establishment that only uses disposable cutlery? Or packing lunch back to the office? Arm yourself with our travel bamboo cutlery pouch set to say no to single-use disposable cutlery!

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100% Eco Friendly

If we eliminated plastics from our lives, we’d save hundreds of marine species from entanglement and plastic ingestion.

Promote Sustainability

IKTARA steps in here by suggesting step-by-step lifestyle changes and offering practical, doable replacements

Locally Sourced

IKTARA stands by the philosophy that every living being and element on our planet Earth  are connected to by the single common thread of nature.